Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Pansies are Coming! The Pansies are Coming!

Part of the "behind the scenes" work of getting ready for a show is making sure that all of our props are ready and our poor lampshades were looking really bad. They had been through two seasons of Fall on the road shows and they were definitely showing the wear. Their poor little bead trim needed to be trimmed off! I've known since December that they needed to be redone, but have I done it -- NO! So early this morning I got out the fabric and started in. Here's my work in progress. I still have to put the binding on the top, but I am pleased with how it looks (never mind that the photo is slightly out of focus -- remember, I'm not a photographer). So our new pansy lampshades are coming to the Just for Her Expo (www.justforherexpo.com) in Overland Park KS this Friday and Saturday (29th & 30th) and so are we. Hope to see you there!